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Omnicopter v2.0 Micro Aerial Vehicle

Omnicopter v1.0 Micro Aerial Vehicle

Omnicopter Initial Test Flights

2D Microscale Caging Transport Primitive

500 um square path trajectory

3D Positioning and Stacking Microassembly Experiment

Assembly of 250 micron x 250 um footprint sized parts – 2D positioning followed by 3D stacking.

Vision-Based Micro-Force Sensor

Video from: A Two Dimensional Vision-Based Force Sensor for Microrobotic Applications.
D. Cappelleri, G. Piazza, V. Kumar. Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical. Vol. 171 Issue 2 pp. 340-351, 2011.

3D Microassembly: Micro-ring on Micro-Post

Assembly of a ring with a 500 um outer diameter and 125 um inner diameter onto a post with a diameter of 125 um. 

3D Microscale Caging Transport Primitive

Pick and place test, 600 um translation

Localized Magnetic Field Control for Microrobots

Using localized magnetic fields and vision-based control to navigate single and multiple robots around virtual objects.

Microrobots Have Soft Touch

The possibilities seem to be endless for microrobots (robots smaller than a millimeter), from medicine to manufacturing. But there are also plenty of challenges. Dave Cappelleri and his team at Purdue have already tackled one of these challenges — how do you get something to move that is too small for a motor or a battery? Now they are tackling another: how can a microrobot use just the right amount of force to manipulate an individual cell? The answer lies in tracking them visually.

Hard Magnetic Body Microbot: Microassembly Test

Microassembly/Manipulation Test: HMB on Si wafer, submerged in mineral oil (wet)

Micro-Scale Tumbling Microbot (uTUM)

uTUM from ICRA2013

Soft Magnetic Body Microbot – Wet Environment Locomotion

Locomotion test on Si wafer, submerged in mineral oil

Soft Magnetic Body Microbot – Dry Environment Locomotion

Locomotion test on a (dry) silicon wafer substrate