Invited Talk @ ICRA Workshop on “Hyper Bio Assembler for 3D Cellular Innovation”

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2015-05-30 01:37:27
The main purpose of this workshop is to discuss a new and innovative methodology: Bio Assembler. This methodology is intended for creating 3D cellular systems such as functional tissue in vitro environments, in which active functional cells selected from a living organism are used to create the 3D cellular system. This new methodology will bring innovation to the next generation of tissue engineering and will become the world’s first creation of 3D cellular system in vitro environments. This innovation will be achieved by developing a methodology of hyper micro-nano measurement and control. The outcome of this innovation will bring great technological advancements to both engineering and life science field. Prof. Cappelleri spoke about the MSRAL work on “Micro Force Sensing Mobile Microrobots for Mechanotransduction and Automated Biomanipulation”.  
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