MSRAL Competes in NIST Mobile Microrobotics Challenge at IEEE ICRA 2011 in Shanghai, China

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May 18, 2011
The Mobile Microrobotics team of the MSRAL competed in the final round of the NIST Mobile Microrobotics Challenge held at IEEE ICRA 2011 in Shanghai, China from May 9 – 13. The team was one of only seven international teams to qualify for the competition. The team successfully completed both of the challenge events: 1. Mobility Challenge and 2. Microassembly Event. In the Mobility Challenge, a microrobot must navigate a prescribed course through a planar track in the fastest possible time. The Microassembly event requires a microrobot to assemble multiple micro-scale components in a narrow channel. This event will simulate manipulation challenges found in in vivo medical applications, such as operation inside a human blood vessel, and assembly-based nanomanufacturing. Each competing team must furnish its own microrobots, which must operate wirelessly and fit within a 600-μm-diameter sphere. The MSRAL team was able to navigate the course in Mobility challenge with the fourth best average time while it finished just one micro-scale assembled component short of first place in the Microassembly event. The Mobile Microrobot team consists of students: Sean Lyttle, Wuming Jing, Shi Bai, Zhenbo Fu, Xi Chen, Guitao Zhang, Jennifer Field and advisors: Prof. Yong Shi and Prof. Dave Cappelleri. More info…